All children have the right to education. Education is essential because children are our future. As one of the pioneer higher education providers in Sri Lanka, we must ensure that our behavior and actions are responsible towards our future generations and towards our stakeholders, society and the environment. We are committed to continue earning the trust our stakeholders place in us, and we are always inspired by supporting under privileged children and their education.


The prerogative is based on an insight that the lack of electricity and facilities in these areas’ forces under privileged children to either study under unbearably harsh conditions or simply give up altogether. The sole purpose is to give them the benefit of light to study and enrich their lives, by providing solar-powered lighting to homes.

Oxford College believes in demonstrating our commitment to all our stakeholders including the communities and environment in which our businesses operate. A minimum of 1% of our annual profit is allocated to social responsibility initiatives in keeping with our CSR Vision of ‘Empowering the Nation for Tomorrow.’

A vital element in the Group’s community engagement strategy is staff volunteerism. Oxford College functions on the assistance of the Group’s staff volunteers in all its projects. Oxford College Volunteer Network enables employees to reach beyond their day-to-day work to contribute to the community and environment. Staff volunteerism is also a means of attracting and retaining staff, with new recruits being made aware of volunteering opportunities and encouraged to volunteer as a part of the Centre Induction Programme. The Group has also introduced a volunteer leave policy, enabling staff to be released for CSR activities with minimum restraint.


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